Tulasi is a powerhouse leader in the world of embodiment, empowerment and reclaiming the feminine. Her work is deeply intuitive, rooted in somatics, and is full of heart and soul. Whenever I’m around Tulasi I’m inspired by her gentle fierceness and ability to draw her students back to the wisdom of their own beautiful bodies. She helps us all to remember to come home to ourselves and move forward in our lives with power and strength.
— Ashley Burnett // www.strongbodylove.com

hello bright soul...

I am sure you've noticed that the world is changing.

It feels impossible to escape. We've shifted so far from the deep rhythms and wisdoms of nature and body. We've moved so far from the feminine principals of BE into the overactive striving of DO. 

We are sick and dissatisfied and deep down we know something is missing.

Slowly, slowly, we are swinging back to attention, we are waking up and remembering an ancient wisdom that lives inside our breath, blood and bones.  

Life lived through these breathing moving bodies is a mysterious & magnificent GIFT. Through body we connect, we feel, we find our rhythm. Through body we learn, we speak our truth, we heal, we grow, and we give. 

Through body we CREATE.

Stretching to the edge of our skin to fully inhabit our selves, our calling, and our potential is medicine for the whole. And yet, we take these bodies for granted. We drive ourselves like machines, neglecting to honor the wisdom we posses. We only fill out small portions of ourselves. We keep our gifts close in, not fully trusting the potential and possibility of what, or who, we may become.

Somewhere along the way we have forgotten how to trust our bodies.    

It's time to come home. It's time to remember and rebalance. It's time to come back into right relationship with all that is. Within. And without.

It's time to remember who we are and why we're here. 

Whether we like it or not, we are at the leading edge of evolution. What happens next is in our hands, our hearts, and our bodies. What you choose, how you engage, what you create, MATTERS. 

As a somatic therapist, movement facilitator and creative catalyst I engage daily with individuals hungry to find meaning, to feel centered, to know true nourishment, to make a contribution, and all the while live joyful, vibrant, TURNED ON lives.

Together let's engage the possible.

Let's create safe & sacred space to listen deeper, let's reclaim resources that have been dismissed or forgotten through trauma or cultural conditioning, and let's (re)discover the rich wisdom of body. Personal power, authentic self expression and soulful connection is here waiting for you.

You are so much more powerful and innovative than you give your self credit for. Your heart is medicine for the world, it's time to trust yourself and move in rhythm with your inner wisdom. 

Your juicy life is waiting, the revolution begins within.